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Comments Off on Replica Linde Werdelin SS Watch Rubber Strap From Z Maker

I’ve never heard of this brand before until I ordered this replica from Z factory, they told me the copies of Linde Werdelin watches are selling well now, when I got this one in hand, I felt its heavy weight, the case constructure is very close to AP’s, almost has the same appearance as AP Royal Oak, except the rounded bezel.     I learned later that Linde Werdelin specializes in manufacturing professional mechanical watches for skiing and diving, which means, once its replica watches being produced, they may attract many people to buy, because its style is exactly what you guys are in pursuit. Now, let’s take some photos and give a simple introduction of the replica Linde Werdelin watch below. It is a replica with no extra functions in appearance, the case is made of 316L stainless steel and fixed by 4 screws, strong enough, I believe the […]