Full Ceramic Watches Routine Maintenance Tips
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Full Ceramic Watches Routine Maintenance Tips

With the continuous improvement of quality of life, people buy some high-end stuff to show their identity, many of whom watch is the object of choice. But for many people, the daily maintenance of the watch is an unknown topic. Watch long wear, strap can easily cause pollution worse, especially full ceramic watch. Here you learn with full knowledge of small ceramic watches daily maintenance.

Full ceramic watches appearance of maintenance

1. Case and Strap
Try to avoid wearing the full ceramic watch with more than or the same hardness special body friction, impact. Regular cleaning case and strap is also very necessary. Sea water, brine bath, perfume, shampoo, nail polish, nail polish remover, and some cosmetics contain chemicals can have some corrosion with gold-plated layer and the metal surface of the watch, should avoid contact.

2. Glass
Full ceramic watches glass can basically use synthetic crystal, mineral glass and sapphire crystal glass. Synthetic crystal wear somewhat less scratch-proof, but strong resistance to impact forces. Sapphire crystal glass high degree of wear and tear but the material more brittle afraid of a violent crash, mineral glass in between. Even wear-resistant sapphire crystal glass also should  pay attention to the impurities contained in the composition of the diamond grindstone, sandpape , nail file,  stone surfaces, concrete walls, so as not to scratch the surface.

How to place full ceramic watches is part of routine maintenance. Hot and cold change is any need to pay attention to a watch , hot and cold changes will have a greater thermal expansion and contraction appeared obvious, however, watch’s water seals are mostly used  rubber, which would accelerate its aging. Watch seals aging will affect sealing problems , water and dust will drift into, can make a serious mechanical damage. Temperatures will affect the timing of the watch, increasing time error.
Full Ceramic Watches Routine Maintenance TipsFull Ceramic Watches Routine Maintenance Tips
The following is the full ceramic watches routine maintenance tips for your reference .

1. The best place to put the watch can place desiccant, but avoid using moth balls, insect chemical agent .
2. In the event of abnormal when the watch should be immediately sent into a special watch shop inspection .
3. Different occasions should wear different watches, waterproof and shock as the best choice of excellent sports watch.
4. The caseback if marked WATER RESESTENT or 3ATM Watch expressed its water level is limited to spray or rain without pressure .
5. Special remind everyone that any watches are not worn in warm water or bathroom , even if your watch is water proof, because the volume is rubber seal watch, heat easy to aging, and water vapor molecules around the relatively small, it is easy to penetrate case, causing internal mechanical damage.
6. In normal use, the error of up to 15 seconds per month as normal .

Note : This article is for referance only, thank you for reading.