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Most of people know Rolex has a certificate, is called Rolex watch “Account”, in fact is a chronometer certificate(Garantie attestation de chronometer official), each watch only one certificate and the number match with the watch’s.

If it is a fake Rolex the certificate must be fake, so when we distinguish the authenticity, the certificate is a very important judgment basis.

Actually, I feel the certificate of Rolex watch printed like banknotes which are many security measures and technologies. But many people did not notice, now I’d like to share the major features of real Rolex with you.

A. The paper is little special. The certificate paper of genuine watches are not so smooth and thin while fake watches paper are thicker and harder, the surface is relatively smooth.

B. The certificate with fluorescent line. A genuine watch certificate has two fluorescent lines on both sides, only under a check money light can see it, but fake watch haven’t.

C. There are watercolor on certificate. When you raise up to see against light, you can see the watercolor, there are several crown logos, while fake haven’t.

D. Punch-like figures on the certificate. Usually there are 3 sets of figures which are made by means of punching. They are respectively, (a) Regional agents number(e.g. Hong Kong 888) and (b) Watch model(e.g.116233), (c) Watch production number(e.g. S 193978). The punch figures are in dense and small while fake watches are big and sloppy. Another thing is the holes are rough edges(perhaps this related with technology and material of paper), the real watch is very clean.

E. The name of the agents on the certificate. Rolex has a rigorous agents and sales organization system, all of the retail agents must be recognized. The certificate must seal with the retail agent or blue seal, have to fill out the date of purchase, but fake watches do not do these.

F. New Rolex watches new certificate. New Rolex models with a new certificate, printed more “garish” and colorful, in fact most of patterns are anti-counterfeiting technology if you look carefully, no less than printing money. Rolex would never reveal the mystery that served as the ways to prevent flooding fakes.