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Rolex GMT 116710LN is a watch which many fans are in pursuit, its elegant appearance behind the whole sports style attracts many people. However, the price of the original 116710LN is very expensive, so a lot of watch fans turn to its replica. Fortunately, there are several levels of replica Rolex 116710LN in the market manufactured by different factories to meet people’s appetite. The best edition of replica Rolex 116710LN is manufactured by Noob factory, after having been improved in details for many times, this replica watch now has the most accurate details and more close to the genuine watch. Today, we’ll share a group of pictures which AmazingClock.me sent to their customers, to show how top quality the watch is.

Rolex GMT-Master II 116710LN Replica

The watch on the whole:

The Noob 116710LN is a very impressive replica watch from Noob factory. The watch is manufactured well, typical Noob quality finish hasn’t frustrated us. There are some minor flaws on 116710LN, but nothing really matters and could stand out as a major reason not to buy the watch. You can also be hard to complain its price, it is only 5% of the price of genuine watch.

Rolex GMT-Master II 116710LN Dial

Rolex GMT-Master II 116710LN Crown

Rolex GMT-Master II 116710LN Case Side

The case:

Noob has always maintained a good reputation over the years of making the best Sub and PAM case among various manufacturers. The case of 116710LN is well finished and very close to genuine, there are no rough edges. The quality of the polishing is very good and the steel color is definitely close to gen. Noob did a great job on the bezel. The finish is good, and the bezel clicks nicely. The bezel markers are engraved, not printed, the thickness of the bezel markers is the same as the genuine, you can also feel the engraving depth.

Rolex GMT-Master II 116710LN Watch

Rolex 116710LN Rehaut

Rolex 116710LN Lume

The dial:

The black dial has the most accurate details, such as printings, letter spacing and so on. The GMT hand has a green stem, which echoes with the green printing “GMT-MASTER II”. Hour markers are surrounded by silver edge, the hands and markers are coated with white luminous material, which emits great blue light in dark place, the lume effect of the replica watch is superior, few replicas can achieve such perfect lume effect.

Crown Buckle

Clasp Engraving

Clasp Engraving Close-up

The clasp:

The quality of the bracelet is good, just like the quality of 116610 V5 bracelet that Noob made, it was the best edition at that time. The steel crown buckle has the same size with the genuine, it locks the buckle tightly, the middle of the clasp is brushed steel, which has correct engravings, compared with the genuine, the size and shape of the Crown logo engraving has no difference.


I am very surprised by the quality of the replica watch. It may not be the 1:1 Super Clone watch which people so called, it is really a stunning watch and worths your money. While compard with other Rolex replicas I bought before, this watch feels a lot like the genuine.