Rolex Yacht-Master 116622
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I have written several reviews about the replicas coming from J12, also known as J factory. Some readers also bought the replica watches recommended in this blog, they found some are really good replicas and still wear them till today. Things must be claimed that watches replicas reviewed in watchesinhot are those being hot discussed in forums, and I only select the latest models in the market to give you a honest review. Today, the watches that will be talked are two Yacht-Master 116622 replicas, one is on black dial, the other is white. They are manufactured by J12, their fit and quality are all in top-level. Here comes the article.

Rolex Yacht-Master 116622 Black White

Black Yacht-Master Replica

The dial. Whether the black or white, two dials are all accurate. Because I don’t have a genuine, so I can’t give you guys a comparison side by side. Hour markers are all filled with white luminescence, which is wrapped up with silver steel edge, the second hand is red, very eye-catching, notice the “Crown” logo at 12, five matches are very clearly displayed, having forgotten to give a shot of the classic rehaut, but I have seen the engravings on the inner wall are aligned. Overall, the dial is good and you can not find the flaws with eyes if you don’t have a gen on side.

Rep Yacht-Master 116622 Crown

Black Rolex Yacht-Master Bezel

The case. If you bought one replica made by J12 before, you would notice that their case polishing is good, few sharp edges. See the Rolex 116622, its case lugs are polished refined, which have perfect arc line that will fit your wrist well. Besides, each bezel teeth has the same size, the silver markers on the rotating bezel are more refined than those on other versions. See from the pictures above, you can see the thick cyclops on the crystal, which stands out high on the face.

Crown Buckle

Crown Buckle 2

Rolex Clasp Stamping

Rolex Clasp Stamping 2

Buckle Closing

Bracelet is one of the most successful parts J12 factory manufactures. Many people are willing to replace their bracelet on Noob rep with a steel bracelet from J12. You have no difficult to open the buckle at the crown opening, it is very easy. Inside, the clasp has correct laser engraving, you can see more refined laser crown logo on the clasp. The color and depth of the engravings are the same as the gen.

Rolex 116622 Lume

Rolex 116622 Lume 2

Finally the lume. Both watches have correct lume, like the gen. Place them under the light to absorb, they will show you how strong the lume will be. Beautiful blue color on hands and markers, the dial provides you a high readability.

Overall, the rep Rolex Yacht-Master 116622 has top-level case finish and top quality bracelet, each detail is refined and the whole watch has better quality than other versions.