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This 1:1 original replica watch best sums-up what the Nautilus is for collectors: a sleek and bold sports watch, with matte black dial, stainless steel case / bracelet and a simple display… just like the 3700 was. When compared, you immediately recognize the design of Gerald Genta and you can see how faithful the 5711 is, compared to the icon born in 1976. However, on closer inspection it reveals a rather strong evolution, mainly in the details. The dial of the Patek Philippe Nautilus replica is a real piece of art. The colors are mesmerizing when the angle of the light changes on the dial with its horizontal grooves. It might change from black to gray and it looks if the center part of the dial is more bright than the rest of it. The Nautilus 5711 replica has the in-house Miyota 9015 Automatic movement.