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Comments Off on Personal Review of Omega Aqua Terra 15000 GAUSS Replica Watch

Aqua Terra 15000 GAUSS is a new watch model Omega published, once being released, it attracts my attention because of its simple dial design and full stainless steel bracelet. I like bracelet more than leather straps. Actually I didn’t like replica watches until my friend recommended this watch to me, consider the high expense of buying a genuine Omega watch, I decided to try this replica, because of its my first time to buy a replica watch, Joe recommended me a dealer who he once bought from, the amazingclock.me, so I browse the website and finally found this watch, the pictures on their website are the real photos of the product, the watch is beautiful, I like it, first, share a few wrist-shots of the replica watch, hope you like it. The whole quality the replica watch is like the real, in fact I don’t have the chance to wear […]