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Hey guys! It’s time for a replica watch review, I came across a weird watch that struck in my mind, perhaps because the watch has no conventional case and dial, and no watch has ever been designed the same way as the Freak. The strange timepiece is Ulysses Nardin Freak Replica Watch. The first Freak was launched in 2001 and received enormous critical acclaim. And they released a 2013 version Freak Phantom in a limited edition of 99 pieces. The original Ulysses Nardin Freak timepiece has no crown and no hands, but these four pieces I’m showing you has a crown at 3 o’clock. For all those, only slightly different. For aught I care, the price is more attractive, as long as spend about $180 for it. There are several different versions of genuine Ulysses Nardin Freak Watch. But today I’m showing you four pieces, three of the model is […]