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When the we purchase on the Internet when a website had to search a web site until satisfied with the price of the items found. But this made shopping all about the price, rather than about the store.

That’s absolutely right, today I discover two sites selling cheap replica watches. Their watches are generally great bargain, but only for the price not the quality of the products. I’ve grabbed some screenshot from both sites so you can see their true colours. review review
First look at the home page of, very simple design, no banners, just show their best seller, the cheap Rolex Datejust with 97 dollars catch my eye, then I clicked to see what the detail inside, I feel very very disappointed. The murky pictures and simple description will tell you how poor it is. Review Review
And then, how about the All I can say is, it just a little better than the Under the banner it’s showing their hot watches, and are they really hot seller? Neither you nor I know what the true is. Well, look at a screenshot of one product, the pictures are very clearly, but I have to tell you that all from the internet. You can seach Google and find out the truth. Although they described product in detail but without detailed pictures you can’t see what kind of movement they use.

The more terrible thing is , both of the websites do not have customer service, that’s unreasonable! You can’t ask about the product with their staff, let alone after-sales services.

Maybe, the products attractive at much lower prices, but please open your eyes to find the real good replica watches, do not only focus on price. Read more reviews on to discover the best replica watches and websites.