Crocodile Straps
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Crocodile Watch Straps

Crocodile leather strap is the most expensive among the leather watch straps, its unique piebald texture of the surface is not found in other strap, and so it has high value. It is not simply just a strap, in the other products it is also the most extravagant and top.

Crocodile leather strap has replica, also has fake. The replica is embossed such as embossed in other leather, looking like the stripe of crocodile skin; the fake may be printed the letter identification of crocodile skin.

Replica and genuine crocodile leather strap are not in a same level, quite different, the value is far away; but without the knowledge of certain aspects of the leather, you are really hard to distinguish them.

Here I will introduce several kinds of identification methods as a reference.

1. Identification
Crocodile leather strap is basically printed identification, but some top watches don’t do that, just printing the Swiss replica watch brand, it is estimated that the Swiss people certainly and confidently think that our watches are expensive and good, don’t they use the crocodile leather strap? Letter logo will be printed inside the strap, the most common are 2: CROCODILE and ALLIGATOR, while the latter mainly refers to the American alligator. If you see the foreign words Imitation and cuir, it is not the crocodile skin.

2. Groove between the stripes of crocodile surface
Groove between the stripes of replica crocodile leather strap in some replica watch Swiss is relatively shallow, while the genuine crocodile skin is deep, but also in horizontal stripes of the site, section and section joints, but also generates a complex fold intensive, not naked.

3. Genuine crocodile leather with “bamboo-pattern”
The so-called “bamboo-pattern” is especially similar to the Bamboo, there are many vertical and fine cracks, which are not very detailed and regular, and this cannot be made in replica crocodile.

4. The change of stripe

Replica crocodile leather strap’s stripe is rigid, stereotyped; genuine crocodile skin has gradual change from big to small, basically gradually smaller and smaller from beginning to end.

5. Surface of crocodile skin
You should need the help of a magnifying glass to observe the strap in good light conditions, if it is done with the calf, leather surface has a large number of densely packed small hole, while crocodile skin is smooth with holes.

6. Workmanship
Crocodile leather strap in the replica watch belongs to the high-end strap, which is meticulous, and basically done by hand, identification is embossed, and will not be printed the gold text; the fake’s workmanship is rough, but is used to using the sticking craft, especially at the end of the strap. The watch workmanship pays attention to the strap lateral, that is the inside and outside junction, where high quality strap will be painted, while the poor quality strap often has gap or crack.