Replica Movement
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Replica Watch Movement

Now I will give you a brief introduction about the classification of replica watches and movement.

Class-A replica watches: Stainless steel material, high rigidity mineral glass or sapphire crystal, imported movement, models copy the genuine watches.

A watch possessing the above qualifications can be called Class-A replica. If not, it can not be a class-A watch. At present there are a few replica watches in the market, many are made of aluminum or alloy steel; domestic movement watches just can be so-called rubbish.

Class-A replica watches are not the same as the leather product, jewelry and so on, which have the classification of grade. So when you hear that some watches are “AAA” grade, which is just a stunt of sellers. Whereas that is not mean that Class-A replicas have no quality identification, which are distinguished according to the origin and model of this movement. Origin classification: domestic, Japanese, Switzerland; function classification: quartz and mechanical.

Quartz Movement:

1. Domestic plastic quartz movement, low price and poor quality, extremely wasting power. Class-A replicas usually don’t use this kind of movement, just the rubbish do.

2. Japanese disposable plastic quartz movement, which is named “spam movement”, most part of sellers called “Japanese OS80 Movement.” This movement either is difficult to be broken or can last long time. Once it doesn’t work, you can not repair it. The only way just throws it away. Quality is slighty better than the domestic disposable plastic quartz movement. Fashion watches are mainly equipped with this kind of movement, while Class-A replica watches are not.

3. Japanese original 2035 quartz movement is mostly used in mid-range domestic quartz watches, which is the same as in Mid-range and low-end quartz watch of Class-A. This movement relatively saves electricity, and has better quality, and the cost of maintenance is low. Generally speakig, its cost performance is fairly high.

4. Japanese original 5y30 quartz movement is mostly used in top grade domestic quartz watches, such as Tian Wang and Rossini, which is the same as in the mid-range quartz watch of Class-A.

5. Japanese original 1L32 quartz movement. Class-A quartz watches: top grade Omega watches mainly use this kind of movement, which can save electricity, has high quality and low cost of maintenance.

6. Japanese original VX12 quartz movement. Class-A quartz watch: top grade three pointers watches are usually powered by this kind of movement, so are the top grade Rado Class-A watches. Features: save electricity, high quality and low cost of maintenance.

7. Japanese original VC101 quartz movement. Class-A quartz watches: top grade Longines two pointers watches mostly use this kind of movement.

8. Seiko original quartz movement. Seiko genuine quartz watches basically adopt this kind of movement, so do the mid-range and top grade quartz watches of Class-A. Nothing but the cost is very high. The power consumption of this movement is low.

Mechanical Movement:

1. Guangzhou Pearl mechanical movement: as the structure copies the movement of Japanese Citizen, a few buyers call it “Citizen” movement. This movement imitates the Citizen movement, but doesn’t inherit its quality, which is easy to break, and difficult to repair.

2. Japanese Orient original mechanical movement. This Orient movement is the early brand in Japan, which has a long history and distinguished by two lions. Class-A watches: mid-range and top grade mechanical watches usually use this kind of movement. It has accurate time and low error.

3. Swiss original 2824 mechanical movement. Class-A watches: top grade watches mainly use this kind of movement. In Swiss genuine watches, Titoni and Enicar watches basically use this kind of movement.