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Comments Off on Those Movements Inside Replica Watches

Now I will give you a brief introduction about the classification of replica watches and movement. Class-A replica watches: Stainless steel material, high rigidity mineral glass or sapphire crystal, imported movement, models copy the genuine watches. A watch possessing the above qualifications can be called Class-A replica. If not, it can not be a class-A watch. At present there are a few replica watches in the market, many are made of aluminum or alloy steel; domestic movement watches just can be so-called rubbish. Class-A replica watches are not the same as the leather product, jewelry and so on, which have the classification of grade. So when you hear that some watches are “AAA” grade, which is just a stunt of sellers. Whereas that is not mean that Class-A replicas have no quality identification, which are distinguished according to the origin and model of this movement. Origin classification: domestic, Japanese, Switzerland; […]