Panerai Luminor Marina Replica Watch
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Panerai Luminor Marina Replica

In order to answer the questions of watch lovers for replica watches’ classification, I will divide several parts to explain them in detail in the following days and try my best to provide the valuable information. Now let us distinguish the first grade replica watches.

The first grade replica watches will be divided into two kinds:

The first kind of the first grade: this kind of replica watches is mainly created for the watch lovers who have high spending power, and the price is the same as the genuine ones. On real significance is not copy, but look genuine. These replica watches hold up to the inspection by the watch surveyors, and most part of watch parts or case are genuine, so, this kind of replica watches is often made by the independent watchmakers in Swiss and sold as geuine ones. Hence, these replica watches have fairly high quality. Each year, the big watch factories in Swiss should spend most of their energy to deal with such kind of replica watches.

The second kind of the first grade: Strictly speaking, this kind of replica watches can not be called replica watches, but they have great differences from the genuine watches, so they still belongs to this kind. These replica watches generally turn into the special edition or limited edition from the ordinary genuine watches.

In general: the first class is the best quality among the new replica watches, and their price is extremely expensive, whose cost is 60%-70% of genuine watches or higher than those. Because some replica watches are no price, even though the money may not buy. Therefor, some world-class watch collectors specially invites the private watch masters to create watches for themselves, and the price is especially expensive´╝üSo, this kind of replica watches can not reach by us.

The first kind of second grade: this kind of replica watch is mainly for those who know certain watch knowledge and the friends who really love watches. The feature of these replica watch has high quality case, while the important point is the movement. There is no big difference functionally between this kind of replica watch movement and the original watches’. Considering the cost, they may use the same movement but not be polished, or some lower grade but has the same function movement. But so, this kind of replica watch can be also not cheap. For example, in the market the cheapest multifunctional movement will cost nearly thousand yuan. For this reason, the price of this kind of replica watch is also not cheap. Though compared with the first grade replica watches, their price is not so high, only few watch lovers will choose.

The second kind of second grade: the first standard of this kind of new replica watch is the case. Generally speaking, this kind of replica watch has top mould making, which will cost at least 100 million to develop this kind of case. But the disadvantage is that these watches are not rich in classification, because the mould of each case has high cost, watch factory will not develop new models at will. Though the choice is limited, the quality has got the guarantee. Usually, the multifunctional movement is the quartz movement, because the price of this kind of mechanical movement is difficult to fulfill the full function. That is to say, if you see some hundreds yuan sports watches in the market, which are called “full functional movement” and equipped with chronograph function, you should sharpen your eyes and be more careful. As for the quartz movement with multifunction, basically it can do all these. This grade of quartz movement has the same fuction as the Swatch watch, and the quality is also quite good. For the multifunctional movement, the ordinary movement has a wide range of choice, this grade is powered by full automatic movement and manual winding movement.