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Here is a guest review from Alfred, who is our blog reader comes from Hong Kong.

I’ve been thinking about purchasing one replica watch for a long time, after reading a lot of articles in, I decided to buy myself a PAM 339, don’t ask me why I didn’t choose the iconic Luminor model, for other people, they may choose, but for me, the luminor PAMs are too large for my small wrist, besides, I like Radiomir more, its wire lugs keep the original characteristics of Panerai as a military brand in early ages. After deciding the model, I have to choose a dealer from a lot of scam websites, who can offer me a cost-effective price? I asked Jackie, he told me all recommended dealers in his blog are selling this model, so I must decided by myself, according to my experience, I exclude those websites that steal pictures from others and finally decided to get one from, which has shot the video of this replic watch, it makes me feels safe and see the details of the watch more clear.

The watch arrives me very quick, no more than 5 days of delivery. Sally also gave me a discount code, the whole watch only costs me $286. Certainly, without shipping fee. But I would like to pay extra $30 on such a quality high-end replica. The watch was packaged very well, it really shocks me when completely tear down the bubble bags packed outside, the watch works perfectly now, accurate without not many tells can detected. First show some wrist shoots.

The watch fits perfectly, before I worried the straps maybe too long or the case size is too large for my wrist, but it looks really good, next time I will try a Luminor watch.

PAM 339 Wrist Shoot

Panerai Composite PAM 339

PAM 339 on Hand

Panerai PAM 339 Crown

Panerai PAM 339 on Wrist

PAM 339 Case Side


Actually I didn’t see the movement picture when I was about to purchase this watch, I don’t recognize any movement, the dealer told me its protype movement is Sea-Gull ST2533, but modded to P.2002 according to the genuine, the color of the movement plates look similar to the original, the movement also has blue words engravings, balance wheel is fixed by bridge that has screws tightened at the ends, looks stable, besides, the pink jewels make me think it would be a high-level clone P.2002.

Asia P.2002 Clone

P.2002 Close-up Pic


The dial is protected by sapphire crystal glass, which features colorless AR coating, so in the sunlight, the dial of the watch is still clearly readable, and the crystal shows no bluish tint, just like the genuine one.

PAM 339 Dial


The watch doesn’t use genuine composite material but black pvd, the color of the case coating seems darker than the genuine, whatever, it matches the Asso straps well. Besides, the case back has full correct information engraved, not printed.

Panerai Case Back


First, the Asso straps wear comfortable, soft leather and it fits my wrist very well, coupled with the wire lugs, the whole watch is full of retro design style, it is exactly what I need.

PAM 339 Asso Strap

PAM 339 Asso Strap Inside


See the picture below, it proves. Super green light in dark place and the lume effect can last for a few hours. It’s perfect.

PAM 339 Lume

In the last, just say thanks to Sally(amazingclock), for your great service. The watch is worth the price.