Rolex GMT Black Blue
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Thanks for your post, Veblen, you really offer our readers a good review, I’m sure this article will clear the doubt of most people about In fact, this site has been in possession by a company for years, almost each watch released in the market can be found in this website, after reading the following review from Veblen, you guys can give an evaluation on them.

After placing my order, five days later, I received the watch, a GMT-Master, I ordered it from The conversation with their staff is easy and the whole purchasing process makes me feel happy, it becomes one of my best experience, because I bought several watches before from other sites, although the watches are decent copies, but shipping time took longer than that of ok. Great, share some wrist photos first.

The watch fits my wrist perfectly, especially the band, no need to adjust its length, the wrist-shot photos show each part of the watch at different angles, it makes me like wearing a real watch on the wrist, case edges and bracelet are polished well, they won’t scratch your hand, so, the watch is comfortable to wear. Seen from the pictures below, you can find any necessary details that make the watch look like a real Rolex, the rehaut, you can clearly see the rehaut engravings on inner bezel, the bezel clicks, although the bezel is fixed, the size of the clicks on is the same as the genuine, besides, the bezel is tightly fasten to the case, you can hardly find any gap, so the water resistance is greatly guaranteed, you don’t need to worry about it.

Rolex GMT-Master Wrist Shot

Rolex Pro-Hunter Bezel

Rolex GMT Black Watch

Rolex GMT-Master Crown

Rolex Pro-hunter Black Blue on Wrist

Rolex Crown Buckle on Wrist

The watch now becomes my favorite, I love the its dial, black pvd, a low-key color and easy to match my dresses. The black/blue bezel corresponds with the black dial and the blue “GMT-MASTER II” printing. Besides, the stem of the GMT hand is also in blue. On black dial, the hour markers and hands are coated with white luminescence, which shows light blue lume effect in dark place. I love wearing it, not only for its high quality craftsmanship, but also because of its natural color combination on dial elements.

Rolex GMT-Master Black Blue

Rolex GMT-Master Black

Rolex Pro-Hunter GMT-Master Black

Rolex GMT Lume

The letter engravings is good, usually the finish of some small places reflect the whole quality of the watch, the engravings of the case back, clasp and the crown logo on the buckle are made better than that of my other watches. I feel lucky having choosen such a quality timepiece from

Rolex Pro-Hunter Case Back

Rolex GMT-Master Buckle

Rolex Pro-Hunter Clasp